Thursday, June 28, 2007

filmstrips and timelines and big blown up saturated moments

it's about maintaining proportions.

i think the key is to just hop on any ride that's available to the places that seem obvious to go. the trouble is what happens when you stand still. in between dreams. in between living. and i only live in small intense moments scattered around twenty six years of this dimension we call time - moments, that when i look back at my life span periods of years to make up one continuous loud colourful moment. life's not what it looks like when you look back. life's not what it looks like in songs, and slideshows and movies. life's mostly spent in between moments. life's mostly spent just getting by and hopefully going places where the moments last longer in this dimension we feel as time. life? or is that living?

some people may tell you that science is more practical and predicting is of great importance. but when it refuses to acknowledge my subjective experience - my reality - it is of no real consequence to me. to know how things exist and continue to go on about me is of no real importance. but to know how i exist with these things that exist. to understand my relationship to these things that go on around me. life? or living?

some people are more graceful at these things than others.

my life is a series of disjointed but intimately connected thoughts, moments and emotions.

and i imagine i will always be sad at times.

this is the cost of living for life.

where can you take me?


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