Tuesday, January 22, 2008

building an army

lost is just part of the journey, part of the experience. but i feel ya - that doubt sure creeps, eh?

yours is not an extreme position. it is one of balance. the world is in extremes. and you know there is something very very wrong when the middle ground is viewed as extremism.

there is something very very wrong here.

makes it all very schizophrenic - this connected, disconnected thing. here i am, feeling one with the universe, and here is everyone else so out of jive with me. it's bound to cause some dissonance. but like you said, you only have your own experience to go on, and as long as you keep following your heart, you will be guided in the right direction. you are exactly where you are for exactly the right reasons. questioning yourself will only make your truth firmer. grab hold of the truth, and let everything else fade away.

you are nowhere and everywhere all at once. embrace the ordered chaos. and take refuge where and when it feels right. great vibe with the earth and you will see you are surfing next to all the right people on this radical wavelength of infinite love.

you are not alone. you know this. you never have been.

get in touch with and trust your intuition. this mad love journey will find you walking in all sorts of different directions, against all sorts of different grains, and people will throw things at you. but all joy, love, all these trials. they are yours. embrace them. respect everything accordingly.

all joy, love,
all these trials.

you have your own beat. march to it. make beautiful music with those around you. and love carelessly.

lead by example.

let go of your expectations, but expect openly.
question everything and nothing.
do not analyze the moment, because you will fall out of it. and when you are in the moment, you cannot move in the wrong direction, because time stands still and space is all in your head.

and rejoice, peaceful soldier. all is not lost. mainstream focus is despair, it need not be yours. look around you. feel it. we are a whole army, we just speak more quietly, with more humility. while the rest of the world shouts, angels whisper. but your senses are immaculate and unlimited. you will hear them. you can feel it. be mindful. do not let shouting distract you. do not let fear or doubt or shame be your guide.

you know you know you recognize truth.

you are not alone. you know this.

we are not far from this evolution-revolution. carry on, peaceful soldier.


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