Wednesday, February 13, 2008

love and hugs, goodnight. amen.

we don't even know it, this messenger in us. we don't even know, and we're doing it. we are all just ambling along and before you know it, this messenger in us. this moment just waiting for it. all along, and setup just like that from the beginning.


but we're not getting anywhere if you are not down with my sincere. we're not getting anywhere if we're not both ambling along sincerely. bumbling, even. and bubbling over.


i hardly ever have to pray over things, they are already my answers.


and we're giving hugs away, with peace. for free. carelessly, even.

you have to let yourself be important things. to everybody. because you are just that big, and you can hold that much.

goodnight, and thanks for the sincerity.


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