Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fourteen days... That's only two weeks, people!

... i'm running out of hand gestures.

Rearranged my room this morning and now it's more of a disaster area than a room. Going Christmas shopping with sg while the dust settles in here. Hopefully when i return i will be able to finish without all the excessive sneezing. I'd post 'after' pictures, but without the 'before' there is nothing to compare.

I think i'll reformat my computer while i am in the 'winter cleaning' mood. Get everything ready for the new year.

Played at church last night... I think the songs went well. The instrumental was fine i'm sure and my brother tells me the other went well... but he is my brother and might just be saying that. There is a better synopsis of the event at if you are interested... will post photos later


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