Friday, December 16, 2005


Went to see Chronicles of Narnia last night. Maybe my memory is confused, but i seem to remember things differently from when i was a child. It was a good movie though. My only complaints are that the battle scene was slightly anti climactic and made it seem like this whole thing could have been over a lot sooner if the lion would have just made his move earlier. And the relationship between young lucy and thomnas, the 100+ yr old fawn, seemed a little creepy... but maybe there are special rule of war and pedophilia in Narnia. You've got to suspend your own reality. Statutory Sarah - that's her new nickname - would probably know more about the latter than the rest of us.

Christmas Chad - that's his new nickname - kept losing the game all throughout the movie (the game, you lose) so i would be sitting there in Narnia and Christmas Chad would lean over and lose the game for me, and i would be thrust back into reality for the next ten minutes while i tried to forget about the game. It was all very disorienting.

The sis is playing the game now. She wanted so much to hate the game. But it's a sneaky game and before you know it you are playing and loving it. I will spread the game to married sis and the hubby when we visit this weekend. We'll be playing it for the rest of our lives.

"Easter Al and July First Jen had a falling out."

Upon deeper analysis, the whole situation is more appropriate than anticipated.

Easter Al


Anonymous Zoe said...

I am becoming bored of your song of the day. Please come up with something new and exciting for me to hear.

Friday, December 16, 2005 7:19:00 p.m.  

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