Monday, January 9, 2006

Dreams and Reality

I'm onto something... and i don't know where it's going or why or how long i'll be on it.

In the days before the weekend, i had the following three scenarios play out:

- staying at a hotel with a large group made up of some sort of team, although i was never fully sure what team it was or how i was a part of it... whatever team, it was comprised of many girls who i used to play hockey with;
- numerous run-ins with parents of girls i used to play hockey with (and not from the previous dream scene);
- police officer asking me to go home with him

In the days of the weekend, the following three scenarios played out:

- stayed at a hotel where numerous teams were staying for a hockey tournament... randomly bumped into a couple girls i used to play hockey with in a highly synchronisitc fashion;
- an almost run-in with an old hockey parent in the elevator which for many reasons i am lucky to have evaded;
- security guard at hotel attempts to pressure me and a friend to go to some sketchy hotel party.

What does it all mean and where is this all going?


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