Saturday, February 18, 2006

Giant Purple Velvet Elephant

Not gonna lie. Wasn't really looking forward to family skate today. Didn't think the alcohol still running through my blood was going to allow me to wake up in time, let alone strap on skates and use my body in a way i haven't done in years. But as it turns out, i was up and perfectly fine. And once i got on the ice i realized how much i love skating. There is a certain freedom and power and sound and smell and ease...

I forgot to mention that j is in neuroscience. Neuroscience!! and she induces schizophrenia in rats in a lab. Schizophrenia!! in rats!! in a lab!!! pretty cool. pretty much.

You should be here. Experience the tension. It's incredible. And awesome. And traumatizing. Imagine being in a room with a giant purple velvet elephant while everyone pretends it is not there. Now replace the elephant with a skeleton and a little sidekick and give them red hair. red like the devil. and now make sure there is a mutual hatred going on between you and the 'elephant'. and by room, i mean the room you live in with the elephant. Then you'll have some idea of what it's like. and you'd build a fortress, too.

Fortunately for me, i only have to ignore the giant purple velvet elephant for a couple days. Then i can go back to being a hermit, which suits me just fine.

Live alone. Then the only person you have to contend with is yourself.


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