Tuesday, March 7, 2006


has it been forever since i blogged? well, it feels like forever... bless the children, they can make you feel like you have lived a lifetime in one day.

umm, is this a good thing or a bad thing? who knows. we'll go with Martha on this one:

it's a good thing.

it's amazing how life can change so dramatically in under ten minutes. i get dizzy thinking about how far ago ten days seems to me. TEN DAYS!!! woah. if i wasn't already sitting, i'd fall down.

man. i can't even keep up with my daily blogs. i'm just skimming through them. is this what a real life does to people? i can't read anything that's more than four or five lines. hence, my two line paragraphs.

i'm out of things to say. well, that's not exactly true. i'm out of the energy to say it with/write it with.

baby has ear infection. and i don't think he likes me... so that'll make for a loooong month.

bigger baby is staying late at the circus tonight, so he'll be incredi-tired tomorrow... so that's make for a loooong day.

two late night meetings, and one more to go on thursday.... so that'll make for a loooooong week.

i. am. tired.

i could use a dreamless sleep tonight.


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