Thursday, March 2, 2006

Day One.

Yum. Watermelon chunked vomit.

Welcome to the land of children.

diapers, legos, snacks, spills, snowsuits, bickering, crankiness, naps, playpens, dance revolution, boogers, tears, time-outs, temper tantrums, soothers, circle time, kiddie songs, cartoons, mega machines...

and then one little smile, or hug and everything nasty melts away, your whole body becomes warm and fuzzy and you can't stop smiling.

this is why people keep having children. cause it it were up to the watermelon chunked vomit, we would have died off hundreds of years ago.

It has been an interesting day. Lots of new things to take in: who gets what colour cups, who uses what toothbrush, who sleeps where, who likes to be tickled where, who comes in when, who belongs to which cubbie, who likes chocolate milk..... and so on.

who's boots are these?

And to really get me into the swing of things, two of the children were sick. Runny noses, fevers, and the ever popular vomit.

vomit, barf, throwup... does anyone have a better word for it? cause i just can't come up with one that i like to use.

kids: grooooossssss, he just booted again. i lost my appetite.
me: can i have another helping, please.

i like the word booted, but i'm still looking for a useable noun in this category. (Any suggestions, please leave comments)

I would love to tell you how fascinating it was to watch the snake eat a mouse, but the damn snake wasn't up for mouse today, and so it just sat there untouched in the cage.

Dog is soooo large, and love diapers. ew.

Tarantula and fish and old rat are pretty uneventful.

Cat is super handsome and, like most cats i come into contact with, loves me. And of course, being the crazy cat lady that i am, i also adore the cat.

Last but not least. the most important point of the day:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgot puke

Friday, March 03, 2006 10:13:00 p.m.  

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