Thursday, March 2, 2006

Something old, Something New

bruder is back home and doing fine. he will have to go back for an MRI sometime soon. his head injury was worse than we thought and so he must stay low key for the next little while until we figure this all out.

it was a scary night.

it's too early to be here. it's too early to leave the house. but i must.

and it looks like i'll have to do it again and again and again...

the day will be filled with children and snacks and playdough and ridiculously juvenile television and diapers and time-outs and games.

and a dog and a cat and a snake and a rat and a fish and a tarantula.

... and so, not to forget my allergy pills.

this will be march.

i had bad dreams last night. anxiety dreams. late projects and missing birthdays and breakups and angry family members... i always have these dreams when i have to wake up early and do something new. but it will be fine, right? i can do anything, right?


ok, gotta leave soon and still have to get dressed. what does one wear in this kind of environment?

i have no idea what to expect.

yeah, i guess you don't get a lot of cars driving through your room.


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