Saturday, February 25, 2006

The First Lady and Her Baby

nice things have been written. for me. i am touched.

hello to the first lady. hello to the baby she carries. protecting it from the harsh world that it will one day have to come into. kicking and screaming and wanting to go back. she or he will have two choices: fit in, or fit out. both have their pros and cons. you may prefer one to the other, but then again it isn't your choice. it's a delicate balance between control and freedom, parenting is. but whatever they do, they will have you. guiding. loving. supporting... it's beautiful, isn't it?

unconditional. beautiful.

unconditional. magical.

magical. beautiful. awesome.

awe'some a. causing awe

awe n. reverent fear and wonder

...yes, that's right the real awesome. not the fake one that gets so lightly tossed around. dude, that's aaawwweesome. *one of those cola cans with sunglasses that dances to music*

watch your words. or you'll lose them.

isn't it funny that we come into this world the same way we leave it? kicking and screaming and wanting to go back.

... some may say: where do you get off writing anything about parenting, since you are not a parent.

well. i have parents. that should be good for something.

and. aren't we all supposed to have some sort of child rearing intuition (if not all, at least the women)? *woot, woot to the women*

trust your intuition.
trust your intuition.
trust your intuition.


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