Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thanks to all the People

I should do this now before i run out of inspiration.

People are beautiful.

People recreate me.

People give me life.

Everybody has something to offer.

Everyone brings something different to the table.

Even the ones who make you feel uncomfortable.

Even the ones that make situations downright intolerable.

Doesn't that just make you extra thankful for the others?

Doesn't every hard experience lived through make you that much stronger?

Aren't you that much gladder to be yourself, considering some of the other options?

But mostly I am not talking about this type of person.

For all those other people that you meet, and even if its just for ten minutes or something, that sometimes make you wish it were socially acceptable to hug a practical stranger and tell them they already mean the world to you.

You know, like even if you never saw this person again, but somewhere along the line someone gave me some sort of news about you. Well, i would feel good to hear of something good happening to you. And sad, well sad things, you get the picture.

* knock on wood *

So, stronger from surviving more unfamiliar experiences, with unfamiliar places, and people and pretend-games. And everyone assumes their role. It's a matter of finding the proper leading characters. Then it's as if it's all rehearsed. And i hardly forgot any of my lines.

Often, they are the ones you least expected.

Last night, i befriended a cute little french lady working coat check at a Taizé event. I was keeping more or less to myself and was under the impression she didn't speak english. But it turns out she does, only sometimes when she forgets a word and she would have to struggle to find it. But it was pretty adorable. She was so excited to learn that my sister plays hockey and that i used to play hockey and she thought it was amazing and was so glad to see woman's hockey getting big because she had never really heard of women playing hockey before and well, it was just great to hear. * woot woot women * and all. It still surprises me when people are surprised when girls play hockey. But anyway, she just seemed pretty genuine and gentle and generous and good hearted.

"Your sister should play in the Olympics."

"She could."

Taizé prayer service, btw = pretty amazing. This is pretty much the most ideal way to pray. Basically, it's one or two line melodies, with lyrics that are written in tons of languages, but since they are one line each and repeated dozens of times it is easy to learn. And they are done in multi part harmonies - though we didn't get that much of that at this one - intermingled with silence. Pretty calming and meditative. I'm pretty sure the pitch is sunconsciously, if not specifically, singled out for its effect on the energies in the body. It was amazing how my body just naturally responded.

I would choose blind. by the way. if i had to choose. no contest.

* knock on wood *

So yeah, other people as well. I wanted to hug.

I also love seeing how people dress. Every creative project built by the human mind gives away so many aspects of your subconscious. Often times things that you are not even aware of yourself. Be it writing, or creating music, or visual art, or dressing. We're all of us saying so much more than we ever wanted to say out loud. Everything about a person is giving away so much about that person so much of the time.

Church rockstars tonight. Then free chilli dinner in the basement. New church rockstars. More people i want to hug.

Some that want to hug me. But not those people.

And the kids were a delight. Pretty eyes and cool hair were my fave kids tonight. With little guy running a close third.

* shakes the can *

Shit. "Don't tell your mom where you got that idea from."

Some kids would ask to buy all the drinks whenever their family members wanted one because they wanted to come back and see us. That's the church rockstar appeal.

That and the beer cooling in the fridge.

"No sorry, there is no beer being sold tonight."

You should always sell alcohol at a church funtion. It's where all the major renevue comes from.

But, i survived and i prospered and actually made a new musical acquainance. Re-established an old one. So incredi-cool.

They said, "Your sister should play for the Olympics."

"She could."

Everyone's got Olympic fever.

People are beautiful.

Though, i can't say that i need them all the time.


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