Sunday, March 12, 2006


my parents don't know that i have a blog. i felt it would restrict my creativity too much if they were to be able to read it. but the radio talked to my dad about blogs the other day.

dad: what's a blog?
a: it means web log.
dad: but people can leave their comments, right?
a: right.
mom: you should get a blog, a. since you have so much to say all the time. *at which point she laughs hysterically cause she thinks she has dissed me*. why don't you get a blog?
*z and i exchange knowing glances*
z: yeah, why don't you get a blog?
w: yeah, why don't you get a blog?
mom: yeah, why don't you get a blog? *laughs again hysterically but this time everyone else joins in, though we aren't laughing for the same reason*
a: yeah, maybe i'll get a blog.

z: *in the car ride home* that was funny, eh? you should *makes typing actions* that story.
a: i was thinking the same thing.

but the story is pretty lame now that i put it on here. i didn't know how to make it any better.

i like having retarded secrets from my parents. i like pretending like my life is more rebellious than it is, to the point that i have to keep things from my parents. when i went away to school, i used to tell my mom that i was a wino and we had tons of boys over to the house every night just to get her all riled up. maybe i wanted her to think i was cool and edgy.

the things we do to pretend we are people that we aren't.

how many people are you?

z is mad cause i haven't posted in days. i've actually been home all weekend and had plenty of time, but i decided (rather my body decided for me) that i needed to sleep all day. my body was like a desert and my eyes were so dry and sore that i couldn't have them open for any length of time. my bones felt dry. my brain felt dry. i whined and whined until someone brought me water with ice. no one could understand that i wasn't being lazy, but that i was in fact just too dry to walk. like who can walk in a desert right? at least, who can walk for very long? well, imagine the desert being you. who can walk for long being a desert? there. my whining was totally justified.

this week is st. patty's week at the day care. i guess i have to learn the kids about potatoes and leprechauns and come up with some lame ass crafts to do. maybe read some stories. i am not prepared. we've got to eat potatoes every day at lunch. so mashed, chip-type thin sliced fries... so that's two days covered, but that's about all the potato recipes that i can come up with right now. i will have to get on recipezaar. and pack a bag. and plan the day. damn. i just wanted to do nothing and go to bed.

after sunday night television of course.... which i haven't seen in a month so i will be super behind.

have you seen the grass? it's peaking out behind the wet wet snow. there are no words for how i feel.


Blogger Rally said...

Your parents don't know that I have a blog either. I have been meaning to tell them, but I thought it best I wait.

I think maybe after they get over the shock of your having one, I will let them know that I have one as well.

It seems fair to me.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 10:54:00 p.m.  

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