Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nobody and Me

nobody blogs anymore. nobody and me.

story of my life = nobody and me. eff, it's boring over here.

sometimes i think i'll have to kill myself if every day is like this. and this isn't even the bad days. i wish it was a bad day. then i'd just go to sleep and pretend like it wasn't happening. boredom on the other hand, will not be dealt with through sleep. i'm too effing bored to sleep. and you just lie there all restless like and whatever. booooo. whatever. this is a stupid post. you all know it. you are just too nice to say. you being the no one left who reads my blog anyway... so how could you say? so you aren't nice. you are just no one. nobody and me.

what am i doing here? what do i want to be doing here?

i have no answers.

i just like to hear myself talk. i should hope i like to hear myself talk... remember. cause nobody and me. yeah. you forgot.


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