Friday, June 23, 2006

Day-Glo Power Walk

i write to you all the time in my head. in fact, i already wrote this.

i don't always follow through.

in·do·lent: (adjective) 1. (a) Disinclined to exert oneself; habitually lazy. (b) Conducive to inactivity or laziness; lethargic: humid, indolent weather. 2. (a) Causing little or no pain: an indolent tumor. (b) Slow to heal, grow, or develop; inactive: an indolent ulcer.

does power walk sound indolent to you!! take that. booya.

woah. my head just did the weirdest thing. it feels really intensely as though there is a hole in my head. just wait it out. what was that? . . better.

ok, so back on track. like there ever was one. i wrote all this stuff before in my head, and now i have nothing. i wrote it on my power walk. yo. wosh. yosh. yo. yeah. you heard me. power walk.

what is hilarious, though. is my neighbourhood. yesterday, i met some random kids at a very large picnic table that i regret not taking a picture of, but didn't want to weird out the random kids by taking a trillion pictures of the same thing. anyway. so things are being set up quite tricky and clearly these days. it's so obvious every time that you know you can't feign ignorance when you've missed an opportunity. a lesson. a challenge. an obvious sign. so you roll your eyes, look to the sky and exhale forcefully through your closed lips, as if the sound it makes will somehow release some of your tension anxiety. and you turn around, because - duh - you walked right by it the first time, and you step right out of your comfort zone. and you know you won't regret it cause - duh - it's such an obvious sign.

duh. now, that is a silly word.

and then today, the place was teeming with people of an age-group hitherto unknown to me in these here parts.

hith·er·to: (adverb) Until this time


i'm reading a book on reading poetry. a book on reading.
i am reading it aloud. a book reading.

so, there are kids everywhere. just driv'n places and sitt'n the park and standininfront of their places. kids everywhere. and Life's like: see? i toldja.

so prepare to debark from your comfort zone.

so. powerwalking is my new favourite thing. not really cause of the people. but just cause it gets me out of the house. and more importantly, and who am i kidding this is the one and only main reason: it's better than running.

eff, i hate running. i mean. sort of. . like. . whatever i hate it.

perhaps running is better after you build some stamina. but i hate it.

at least for now.

everything's at least for now. everything is so interim.

in·ter·im: (noun) An interval of time between one event, process, or period and another. (adjective) Belonging to, serving during, or taking place during an intermediate interval of time; temporary: an interim agreement.

and besides. i could power walk forever. i'm serious. i've always thought myself a rather accomplished fast walker. and i could power walk forever.

except though i thought i saw the same truck drive by twice, and then it might have come by again but somehow from the opposite side and like two other trucks and one truck-suv-ish vehicle drove by and all the big truck-ish vehicles were weirding me out and i got paranoid and went home.

and Kesey says, you're either on the bus or you're off.
Tom Wolfe, the electric kool-aid acid test.

in front.

in front?

i'll work on that. Life will make sure of that.


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