Thursday, July 27, 2006

This Is Not Helping The Migraine

i don't have enough friends for the ones i have to cause me so much frustration. frustration finally turned rage-anger. now that i've given up for good.

you are effing up my batting average.

i have enough friends.

so if we were dating, we could break up? but because we are friends, we are supposed to work it out? i don't buy it. let's break up.

i dare you.

well, i never turn down a challenge.

back off, seriously. i'm going to sic my cat on you.

speaking of cats.... never mind. it's a long story. they are all long stories and i have no energy after the useless waste of energy that was the last two to three hours of my life. *head explodes*

i know i have been distant. things have been happening. too fast. you might be updated. you might not. don't expect too much. and don't base your expectations on other people's advice, because most likely they are chimps and most likely you have been misinformed and now you're forty days late and you are in for eight to twelve more months.


it's a wonder there aren't more road accidents.


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