Sunday, August 20, 2006

Controlling For Variables

i wonder what it's like. and if i'll ever get there. and if it's really neccessary to go all the way or if a little while down the path every once in a while is enough. or if one day, i'll not have to turn around anymore. and if that's the goal. and if so, is it just that easy? just don't turn around.

why are you always worried about what's behind you anyway? and why you gotta turn around all the time? with that look on your face? and you know how dangerous it is because you lose your balance when you do that? and what if there's a biker coming on one side and a body of water on the other? what then?

i've been in that position before, and it's not pretty.

besides, you get there faster when you just look at the destination.

i'm tired of this open concept. i'm tired of putting out everything for show. i'm tired of analyzing every little detail. i'm tired of the clutter. i'm tired of letting the wrong ones in charge.

how about a little order? how about a little direction?

a little less life so. a little more love.

but if i lived in the jungle all the time, would i notice it then? or would i have to come into this world every so often to notice the sparkle? i haven't been to the jungle in so long.

but then again, it has always been too empirical of me.


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