Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Bugs Bugs Bugs

it always seemed to me that come august, people did a lot of outdoor work. and more precisely, a lot of sawing with that big machine where the saw is part of the table and you push the wood through and it makes kind of a high pitched buzzy noise. i always thought that people were suddenly noticing that summer wasn't going to last forever and if they had to do outdoor work they should get on it now before they couldn't do it anymore.

that was until someone informed me that the high pitched buzzy noise is actually some sort of bizarro noise making insect that comes about in late summer. who knew?

well, clearly most people but me.

i find it strange, this insect cycle. how the mosquitos come and go in a predictable fashion. how the ladybugs come inside sometime in maybe september and crawl around the top of the wall and then die all over the house. how the june bugs find their way into my mailbox in june, and how one time i was at a car lot and it was right in the middle of a june bug infestation (ie. right in the middle of june) and apparently june bugs crave the sleazy car salesman vibe and the smell of new car because seriously, like grains of sand on a beach they were. and everywhere you stepped you had to step on them and it was all *crunch crunch crunch shudder shudder get me out of here* like the whooooole time. june bugs have always creeped me out since. well, they kind of creeped me out before.

i guess it's not so strange. we're on so many cycles. daily, monthly, seasonal... so many things pulling us in so many directions: the sun, the moon, the stars, and not to mention the artificial cycles. it's a wonder we don't find ourselves utterly mundane and predictable. but i guess chimps are too stupid to bore easily.


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