Sunday, August 20, 2006


i didn't know. it was so easy as clicking a button. refresh.

green arrows imagine an everflowing, evergoing cycle. it is so. refresh.

with every page is a lesson. with every voyeur session you learn a little something new about the mind of another. another little something of the whole. this is for the greater good. refresh.

i will change my name. or get a tattoo. or rearrange my furniture. or paint the walls. or buy a skateboard. or write a song. it is not external. just a reflection there by. only something i can do when there has been an inward transformation. a symbol. a prize. a consequence of action. a beginning. refresh.

the internet talks to me, too.

i'm all show me, show me, show me *patheti-whine* He's all showing you all the time.

i just forget some time.

if you want to be empirical about it, start recording some data. you've always known that you're on to something.

i just forget some time.


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