Saturday, June 30, 2007

living forever always scared you anyway

i can't expect anyone to stay the same. i wouldn't want to. and i can't expect myself not to change. and i can't say i wouldn't want to. and still, in some ways i stay so still and and stagnant and unchanged. in the best of ways. in the worst of ways. but anyway, i'm just sorting it all out. i wouldn't be learning anything new if i'd sorted it all out by now. your time is up when you've learned all you can learn. i think we all know this somewhere inside of us. that once you figure it out, you've got to move on. so the longer you stay still and stagnant and unchanged, the longer you get to sort it out.

but you know, right? you only get so much sand to play with.

oh but that's right. everything scares you.

nothing phases you.


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