Monday, January 23, 2006

Anthem Montages and Flag backdrops: Election Day 2006

"Please hand the ballot back to me, folded in the same way."

She hands me the ballot.

I hand her the ballot.... still folded in the same way.

"I refuse."

"Oh you are my first!"

"See dad? I just made her day."

"You didn't make my day."

"He tried to leave me at home."

"Well, it is your right."

"That's what i said."

I posted this story for k-dawg who wanted to hear all the sordid details of my ballot refusal today. As you can see, there really wasn't much to tell. I was hoping for a long line and for someone to overhear my refusal and to start heckling, and then i was going to come up with some beautiful speech about freedom and liberties and on and on, just like out of the movies, with the national anthem playing proudly in the background and a flag slowly sliding into the background. So it didn't exactly turn out that way. I wore my 'Vote for Pedro' t-shirt for this special occasion, but unfortunately it was too cold and i had to wear a sweater, and i wasn't really inside for long enough to remove my coat and sweater, so i guess only my family will be able to enjoy it.

What was interesting was how my old elementary school has not changed a bit. Although, now i am much bigger and everything that once seemed massive is tiny. Oh a little change in perspective!... same boot smell, same awards on the wall, same big red secretary desk... same everything. Perhaps even the artwork has been hanging there since i left over a decade ago... woah. decade. That's some reality for you.

I had another dose of reality today to which i can only say wow. wow. wow. wow. and double wow. I cannot comment here, so you'll have to settle for suspense. I have a secret and you can't have it. Na na. Na na. Boo. Boo. Suckas!

And to finish off, I would like to state for the record that i am not the crazy cat lady. I know there are three of them, and i was the one to bring them here, but it's definately my mom. Yes of course she is married and has kids and such, so some of the criteria is a little off... but she most definately is the crazy cat lady. And the man at the door to see my dad can vouch for that as i am sure he is not interested in the details of our cats comings and goings and how timo likes to go outside so that he can climb up and look at us through the window and how he is the only one who can climb up there like that, and how it's a nice day so they are coming and going quite regularly now and how the little one is actually the mother and she has a bit of an attitude problem and hisses at the boys... and on and on and on. I can overhear their conversation and can only imagine the look of why is she telling me this on the man's face. I always catch my mom telling the most random people all about the cats. It's so bizarre. She's obsessed with them. And just this morning she was complaining about how the ruin everything... by this she means the carpet looks rattier than it used to and there is fur all over a curtain in the guest room (well, yes it also turns out that they didn't just dirty the white curtain but actually broke it as well)... but i will have to take the side of the cats on this one and say that the carpet is not so bad off as i would expect it to be with three cats, the curtain was ugly anyway and still looks fine even if it's broken... and most cats climb up all over everything and break lots of things and eat lots of human food, and these cats don't... hence, they are great and she knows it so should just stop badmouthing them when there's no point.

Hence, i am the crazy cat lady.

You wish you were one, too.


Blogger Rally said...

I thought of going with the refusal myself. It was a fleeting thought.

I am blessed to posess a riding of ill repute. It is the Nina Grewal riding. Her husband Inspector Gadget didnt run this year, but she did.

I had originally intended to wear a political statement as well, however due to its rather graphic and obscene nature, I was advised not too. So...I didnt....

I will say that my strategic vote to remove Nina did nothing. The morons that live within our democracy once again have shown me, that it isn't the person you vote for, it is the person you are voting against. I voted against someone, and became what I despise in democracy. It was a sad day on many fronts.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 10:56:00 p.m.  

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