Saturday, January 14, 2006

Encrypted confessions

I've imposed limits on my creativity. Every one of them self-imposed.

I was daydreaming in the shower: A concert, what goes best with wine?, a slip of the tongue, unfortunate audience members, an almost blissful relief about the whole thing. But there are entire circumstances that have been left unsaid.

It's best to express yourself in encryption. It says more and less at the same time. Let others make the call. They always do, anyway... and this way may actually be more accurate.

Depending always on level of enlightenment.
Depending always on level of intimacy.

Perhaps not always preferred. But at the moment, yes.

What can you make of it?
What can i make of it?
What can we make of it?

It's only in our minds, anyway.
It's all that matters and it doesn't matter, anyway.

None of this means anything without love.
Without pure, unconditional, magical, universal love.

And that's blissful relief.


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