Friday, January 20, 2006

Things That Go Bump In The Night

"Last night we kept hearing this BAROOOM sound," said my mom with equally vague descriptive action. "Your father kept getting out of bed to investigate but it would stop when he got into the hall so he would stand and wait for it in the hall like this," along with especially dorky descriptive action, "listening to silence, and then every time he gave up and got back into bed, the sound would happen again." obviously.

"What was it?" i asked her.

"We couldn't figure it out."

"Where was it coming from?"

"We couldn't figure it out!"

From the description, it sounded like a rather dangerous noise to me. We were both visibly concerned by the unknown auditory intrusion.

"It sounded like it was coming from a computer," she offered.

"Man, i hope it wasn't my computer. If it was she must be sicker than i thought," because clearly there was no way that the sound so graciously acted out by my mother could be coming from a healthy computer. I was worried.


"That's it!!" my mother screams while standing in my room, "What is that?"

"The door slam? It means someone signed off instant messenger."

What a let down. The noise was nothing remotely exciting. What i don't understand is what is so horrible about this particular noise to warrant such a nasty visual and auditory portrayal. What i don't understand is how such an insignificant noise of such infrequent occurrence could warrant such a frustrated investigation. I hardly even notice the noise anymore.


I was have a lie down on my bed, and i could hear the neighbour dog barking as usual. I couldn't seem to block it out so i put on my headphones, which are plugged into my computer, but as i am not playing any music they functioned essentially as sound mufflers thereby blocking out enough of the barking dog that i was able to ignore it and go about my lie down in peace. Well, somewhere along the way i fell asleep when i was rudely interrupted: BAROOOOOM accompanied by equally vague descriptive action.

I would have investigated.


Put your shoe on your left foot and try to walk like me.


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