Saturday, January 28, 2006

Guest Room Nanny

From time to time in this house, we are surprised by the sudden appearance of a guest room nanny. Most often, they are quiet and spend much of their time divided between cleaning house and hiding in the guest room. Our current guest room nanny, however, is quite the exception. She cooks, and cleans up the kitchen as most of them do, but she is not incessantly recleaning the whole house which never needs much cleaning anyway. This always makes me feel uncomfortable as we are never the employer and i would always like for them to just relax and feel comfortable. She also likes to talk... really likes to talk. Usually we struggle at the dinner table to make some sort of conversation and everyone is uncomfortable and eating fast so we can leave my mom to deal with the situation which she has brought upon us. There's no need to force conversation with her. She's smart as a whip and quick to laughter and has a never ending supply of stories to entertain us.

I want to keep her.

...even if she did call me fat.

I am going to assume that it was a language difficulty and so 'fat' is not exactly what she meant. She said something along the lines of i was skinny yesterday and fat today. I believe she was referring to the stomach bulge i was sporting as is the usual day-after result of a rather gluttonous outing to the mall food court. That and my enormous sweatpants that were made for someone three times my size; i prefer to swim in my clothes than to have them stick to me. It's mostly a comfort preference.

I'm gonna wear my skinny jeans today just to overcompensate... it's amazing how much negative power the 'f' word has even for a girl who's been struggling just to stay above 120lbs.

Once again, i am amazed by the power of words.


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