Friday, January 27, 2006


I’ve been dreaming of summer, putting outfits together in my head from all the summer clothes I have accumulated over the winter season, and imagining the perfect pair of sandals. I used to purchase sandals quite often, but settled into a comfortable pair from my old prep school. Even after they broke, I pinned them together and kept right on wearing them, wearing them out. So when I tried to relive the ‘fits like an old shoe’ feeling by replacing my old sandals with an identical pair, I found the substitute rather disenchanting. I clung to the old memory and attempted to work the new shoes in, but it’s just not the same and will never be. So this year, I am going to buy the perfect sandal. I have a number of different visions in my head, and haven’t figured out which is perfect, but I will know it when I see it… or I will know a number of them. How I love sandals. Anyway, today on this day in late January, with shovel loads of snow on the ground (I should know because I just got my soul back from bruder for shoveling the snow he ‘forgot’ about for three days and thought he was going to get away with… without… did that sentence make sense?), I found a perfect pair of sandals to start my summer collection. I won’t go in to the details because I don’t want the tons of people *cough* three *cough* reading this going out and buying them. So anyway, I find them glowing at some sidewalk sale in the mall. They are rather expensive for sandals, at least the sandals I am used to buying, but I think for such a great sandal which just happen to be just what I am looking for only better, I will go for it even though I don’t have money to be spending these days.

“You going somewhere warm?” the girl on cash asks.

“No,” realizing suddenly that it’s a rather odd time of year to be buying sandals. I proceed to mumble something about dreaming about the perfect sandal, longing for summer.

It’s obvious she isn’t interested.

Swipe card, as I joke about how this will answer my question as to whether or not I should buy them; the answer is no if I don’t have funds available. I was only half serious.

‘Not Approved.’

So I probably shouldn’t have been buying them in the first place. But I do miss the sandals already. While the girl in the store wonders what kind of nut I am to be spending money that I obviously don’t have on sandals in the freaking middle of winter. And not even cheap sandals at that.

It was a momentary lapse in judgment. Quite often the world has a strange way of counteracting these if you’d only keep an eye out for the signs.

I have plenty of time to find the perfect pair of sandals.

I had too much food for lunch.

I won’t even tell you how much, that’s how much. And then topped it off with dairy queen.

Best idea of the month: pancakes for dinner.


Blogger Rally said...

Pancakes? Now this is where it is scary, because for the month of January I have had a waffle for dinner fetish.

Perhaps we are the odd ones....I was wearing sandals outside the last few days getting odd looks. I figure if it is over 4 degrees celsius, it is sandal weather!

Saturday, January 28, 2006 11:36:00 a.m.  

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