Sunday, January 29, 2006


i ♥pencil crayons.
i don't collect things, except for books and cds.
i never had braces and my teeth are really straight.
i kept all my wisdom teeth.
my favourite time of the day is right after i floss and brush my teeth when i am just lying in bed, feeling around in my mouth.
for a long time, i hated juice, but now i ♥it.
i've successfully rid myself of many addictions.
i breathe from my belly, like a child.
i can cook, but i pretend i can't.
i'd be a vegetarian if i didn't hate labels.
i like words for all sorts of reasons: look, feel, taste, sound, meaning....
i used to hate birds, but i think i was just jealous; now, i am fascinated by them.
i ♥anything vonnegut.
i ♥anything irving.
i cry at least once during almost every movie.
i read books in three days, or i don't read them at all.
i ♥my bed, but i could sleep anywhere.
i ♥poetry.
i ♥poetry.
i ♥poetry.
i think you learn the most about people through what they don't say.
i don't write music, it writes itself.
i don't play the guitar, it plays itself.
i learned how to play the piano in a dream.
i don't play the trumpet, until someone reminds me... hilarity ensues.
i only need a small amount of space.
i would like to try living with nothing.
i would like to try living some place warm.
i would like to try living some place foreign.
i would like to try living by myself.
i would like to try living with someone else.
i would like to try surfing.
i would like to try snowboarding.
i would like to try skateboarding.
i would like to try exposing myself to strangers with a guitar and a mic.
i want to be happy when i grow up.
i want a job that keeps my body active.
i try to learn something everyday.
i try to get up early in the morning.
i try to make sense of everything.
i tried to stop loving, but i just felt empty.
i lost my best friend to cancer years ago, and i've never been the same.
i am affected even by the death of strangers.
i wake up every morning a different person in a different life.
i don't like worrying about money.
i don't like money.
i don't like any of the political leaders in north america, in fact i just plain don't like politics.
i try to think about things like war and poverty and hunger, but it hurts too much and it's hard to understand from my safe and cozy house.
i like cemetaries.
i like funerals.
i don't like death.
i like to be alone.
i don't like feeling alone.
i don't like alcohol, except for those rare times when i am drunk. then i love it.
i may use the word hate, but i don't really think i really feel it or understand it.
i don't think i overuse the word love.
even when i lie, there is still some truth to it.
i like canadian chocolate.
i have a love/hate thing going on with winter.
i can't stop thinking about summer.
i love all the seaons for different reasons.
i ♥sandals.
i ♥pizza.
i ♥pierogies.
i ♥pasta.
i don't really like fruit, but mostly its a texture thing.
i don't eat a lot of sweet, but when i do i eat a lot.
i prefer poetry that you can't really understand.
i hear radio static in my left ear.
after i yell, i can't hear anything for a few moments.
no one has ever called me 'normal'.
i ♥alliteration.
my grandmother wrote a book of poems, but i never understood them until now.
i get trapped inside of books, but i don't even try to get out.
sometimes i love the attention, and sometimes i don't.
my sister saved my life three times, but she did try to kill me twice.
i thought i loved dogs, but i'm not so sure anymore.
there are people i love so much, i would die for them.
i'm probably never fully satisfied.
i find cats fascinating.
i have had 7 cats in four years: one, then zero, then one, then six, then five, then four, then three.
i am allergic to cats.
i will never drink coffee.
i don't like warm drinks.
i am an aries; i need balance.
i don't like games.
i am very picky about sandwiches.
i believe in love at first sight.
i believe in happily ever after.
i believe in magic.
apparently a person's umbrella says a lot about them; i refuse to carry an umbrella: what does that say?
i love socks, but i also love being bare foot.
i don't like when people rub their feet together.
music is like air; i need it to breathe.

... but that's just me.


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