Sunday, February 19, 2006

Break-up Letter


please. PLEASE.

I am not going to call you names or threaten to go somewhere you don't exist. And i understand. I truly do. It must be hard for you for a lot of reasons.

(a) no one likes you anymore
(b) you've overstayed your welcome
(c) we are all busy thinking about summer while we are still in a relationship with you
(d) no one can even remember why we liked you in the first place

.. and so on.

But it's not you, it's us.

Seriously, you are beautiful. And powerful. And full of surprises. There are so many things that you allow us to do.

But we're cold. And pasty white.

Please don't be sad. You'll find someone new. Try not to jump into any rebound relationships too quickly. You may have to just hide out for eight months and tend to your wounds. But that's life, man. Suffering. But i am suffering too much in this relationship.

I'm sorry, it's over. I want out.

I promise i was never cheating on you with summer. I just picked out the outfits i might wear if i did. Maybe that's bad enough. But it was only natural. I have been suffering in this relationship for a while now. It's probably been obvious to you.... but we've grown distant. You have grown cold.

Again. I'm sorry. But please pack your bags and leave.

We can still be friends. I'll remember you fondly.

Love, a.


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