Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dedications: r&b

A little monkey told me something today... of course, the monkey tells me lots of things, about bananas and tree swinging and...

well, that's between the monkey and me.

But that's not why i am here. I am here because a monkey told me i had visitors. So welcome's are in order.

Welcome, welcome.

This is your dedication.

* * * * *

r: out of everyone i met, you seemed the most sane. But not boring sane or anything like that. But in the opposite way that h-ton is crazy, sane. Even saner than z. But i think h-ton made her crazy.

Nobody owes you nothing, and you know it.

You have mad style with that ping pong ball. You schooled the room, b-boy.... the b is for beirut. Though i've never called it beirut before. But then again it was pretty much the first time i played. I will practice and return to h-ton and command the room, i promise you that. So watch out.

It's cute that you love your sis.

It's clear from myspace that i love you more than i love z ;)

* * * * *

b: don't worry, i didn't write anything she didn't already know. You pretty much wear your heart on your sleeve anyway. I was just documenting it. I think i wrote a bunch about you in my posts... i wonder what it's like reading about yourself. Especially when the person writing it didn't think you were reading it. But it's ok, i have nothing to hide.

You, on the other hand, might be well served to keep some things hidden.

Don't get me wrong: you and r = my faves. (it just occurs to me that i think i wrote something about a puppy dog in one of my earlier posts that may have come off pretty badly... er... yeah... uh, sorry about that... i didn't mean it in quite that way. it's called an analogy... i was trying to be expressive.) Seriously though = my faves. It's just that... well, you just don't take advice very well. But i told you that to your face right before i slapped you and told you i loved you anyway.

i <3 redheads... but only if they are male. not giant purple elephants.

* * * * *

It only takes a moment. One small phrase or gesture or shared experience to know something about someone. People can say a lot about themselves in a few words. And they can say nothing in a whole lot of words. I won't go into the details, of course, but this is only to say that i feel that i learned enough about you two in a small amount of time to be able to say that you both are solid individuals and that i'm glad z has your room to find some solace from giant purple elephants.

Welcome to the blog.

Live it. Love it.

* * * * *

p.s. if you want a dedication, you will have to tell the monkey about your visit.
p.p.s. or just tell me directly.
p.p.p.s. i <3 comments.


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