Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Finally some sweet relief from migraine-city. Time to get back to work. And catch up on all the random blogs that i visit.

What i've learned from my time in blogville:

-most people don't write every day and that's really annoying. and some of them don't write for days at a time!!!! *ahem*rally*ahem*

-but most people still seem to get mad comments on their blog. i wish i had mad comments on my blog. does anyone miss the commotion kris caused? speaking of which, i had the weirdest dream that i was dating kris. and he was a hairdresser in a mall that looked like my basement... which is terribly strange if you know what my basement looks like. though i should mention that he pretty much tricked me into dating him in the dream by pretending like he was asking me something else, to which i answered yes and then was basically stuck with him. but he was a pretty popular hairdresser cause people would line up forever to get their hair cut. i tried to get my hair cut but something would always go wrong. in real life, i would like to get my hair cut mad short and make it into a mohawk. or shave it right off. i'm bored with my hair again.

-most people post photos quite regularly. i plan on doing more of that in the future. hopefully if winter ever stops stalking me, i'll be able to go outside again and take mad artsy photos and post them here for you guys to not spend any time looking at because of course you come here for my clever literary works.

-most people post lots of naked photos of themselves. i've come to think that bloggers are really just nerdy exhibitionists. don't expect to see naked photos of me up here (as sister sends a thankful prayer to God)

-there are two types of bloggers: those that use the blog to document their busy lives (basically an online diary - i went to the shoe store. i got my hair cut... boooooring) and those that don't leave the house and have to delve into the recesses of their and thereby use the blog to document their insanity... that's pretty much why i am here.

-most people that aren't into the blogworld think the inhabitants of this world are lame. and the people that inhabit the blogworld think the inhabitants of the real world are lame. so it's pretty much a match made in heaven. but most people that give the blogworld a chance, even just as voyeurs become addicted pretty much instantaneously once they find the right match.

... there's other stuff i learned but i can't think of it and i've grown weary of this post.


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