Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Welcome To My Two's Day Night

So i spent the evening watching american idol and sifting through all my clothes on commercial breaks, the result being:

(a) i still cannot understand why i watch american idol, but more confusing is why i continue to watch it... maybe it's so that i can spend the commercial breaks belting out the tunes they audition, proving to myself that i am indeed the next american idol;

(b) my room is no longer a bed and other furniture - it is now a hundred different piles of clothing strewn all over. I don't even remember what the difference is between the piles, but i know there originally was a reason for differentiating between them;

(c) my mind is officially boggled that people cannot see that i have put on weight since my fake madrexic stint in college: i have gone up four belt holes, in fact, belts that i had to make my own holes for no longer even fit me... but the most painfully obvious (stress on the painful) evidence is the rug burn - nay, t-shirt burn - that is the result of me trying on every one of my t-shirts (i am tossing about fifteen and keeping about four and will have to make myself some new ones soon). In fact, i actually got stuck in a couple of them and went well over american idol commercial breaks trying to wriggle free;

(d) like usual, the clothes sorting process has produced a number of items that i had forgotten i ever owned and i am now stoked to bring them out of retirement;

(e) because of my new healthy weight, many of the clothes from my uber-baggy stage (who am i kidding, i still dip into that phase) now actually fit me; and

(e) i will have to spend the next hour cleaning my room and putting everything back in the closet/i will have to spend the next couple minutes tossing all my 'well-defined' piles into one big pile on the floor so that i can jump into bed and read for the next hour.

... i think that's the third post that is written in weird list form. I think i will stop doing that.

.end com.


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