Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dedication: rally

r & b: your dedication is further down. you will have to scroll... i'm averaging something like three posts a day now. incredi-crazy!

One time i was at the bank. TD to be exact. During their 'get a free ipod shuffle promotion'. I wanted an ipod so bad at the time. I wanted the big ones... but a free shuffle would have been fine. So anyway, i'm at the bank and i ask the teller how one goes about getting a free ipod shuffle. And he tells me that you have to switch over from another bank to get one.

"And what if you are already at this bank. Can you get one then?"


"So you are telling me that you are giving away ipod shuffles only to the people who come from other banks?"


"So you are telling me you have nothing for your loyal customers?"

"I guess not."

"Frig. I'm switching banks."

Well, i didn't switch banks cause i think TD is pretty - yeah, good reason to keep a bank - and also, i am too lazy, and kind of i was just flirting with the teller. But anyway, my point is this: i gave all the new readers ipod shuffles and gave all my loyal customers the shaft.

Rally, this is your dedication:

"Some bloggers rawk."

Yeah, i'm pretty sure that was me he was talking about.

Wait, that started off more like a dedication to me.

I'll try again.

If it wasn't for you, i wouldn't know what an ascot was.

I'm trying to remember how i ended up in your neck of the internerd.

I'm not positive but i think i had stumbled upon Recovering Mormon and was commenting on a post, and i think you had commented and i think i clicked.

Do you read Recovering Mormon?... cause if not then i found you some other way.

(i didn't want to post this and have it be wrong, so i went back and found the comment.. so yeah, i was right. That's where i found you... you still read her? i love her thursday stories. She has mad literary skills.)

At any rate, you were the first blog i put on my favourites list. I was that Cut to the Chase post that did it:

"I think sometimes birds taunt me." ... plus a blizzard of other random thoughts. It was truly a masterpiece. I commented. A lot of stuff about birds.

The rest is history.

... and then one day, you posted a comment on my blog. And i was like 'dude! he reads me?!!' I felt like i had accomplished something.

I will forgive you for not posting regularly, because you still are my favourite blog. There are some blogs that you just start to read and then it kind of becomes this habit where you read them just because the person posts every day, but it's just words. Then there are the blogs that you liked, but the person doesn't post every day so you get tired of opening up the page to find nothing new and you give up on them. Then there are the blogs that you like, but the person doesn't post every day but you still come back. And when you do find something new, at first, you can't believe your eyes. And then when you are sure it's real you jump up and victory punch the air. You posted twice this week! I was stoked. And once you even linked to my blog. It was a touching moment on the internerd, it was. I said awwww out loud. And then told my friend on msn. He doesn't understand blogs so he just brushed me off. He thinks i'm lame. But then again, i think he's lame. I even promised him a dedication if he would read my blog. I know he would love it. He doesn't know what he's missing out on, right everybody!? right.

Alright... have fun on your trip, rally.. can't wait to read about it!


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