Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Place Where I Live

There is a place where i live. It is a community. A small community. We live in wood cabins with fire stoves and we eat of our own gardens. We live in a forest and instead of the sound of cars and traffic and people, we hear only the wind, the leaves and the babbling brook. We live close to the beach, which overlooks the mountain. No one locks their doors.

The people in this community have been hand picked. They are all free spirited people with beliefs and opinions and ideas and knowledge. They love to learn. But mostly they love music. We play every kind of instrument as a collective. We play every kind of music as a collective. We invent new instruments. We invent new music. We spend our days writing and playing and changing the world through art. We spend our evenings learning and reading and writing and painting and drawing and breathing and meditating. We will make our own clothes.

We eat when we feel like it. We sleep when we feel like it. We swim when we feel like it. We play when we feel like it. We laugh. We cry.

There is no jealousy. No greed. No judgment. No grasping.

There is no hierarchy.

The food here is incredible. Because we watched it grow ourselves. And we talked to the plants so they would grow. Of course, we toiled and tilled. We don't let our bodies get lazy. We stretch every day.

There is no television here. I have not decided if we need internet, yet.

Soon there will be many children running around. We will grow them up as best children can be guided. They will be surrounded by open minded teachers and they will learn music before they learn math - though yes, math is very important. They will surpass us, their teachers, in every conceivable and non-conceivable way. If we are not able to change the world, they will do it.

It is here that i will write my novel. You will read it and it will change your life.


Blogger Phoe Misplaced said...

Your place sounds very similar to the secret location written in Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged". All the people wanting to work for themselves, to create for their own benefit, to live without the constraints of a opressivve society lived there while the rest of the world destroyed itself. Ayn's views are a LOT more capitolist in nature, whereas yours seem to be simply about creating and being peaceful (I prefer your Utopia over hers). Funny parallels.

Sunday, February 26, 2006 11:12:00 a.m.  

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