Saturday, March 18, 2006

Experimental Results

conclusion: satisfaction is inversely proportional to expectation.

i don't know how many times i am going to get the same result before i finally stop testing the theory. i will never learn. i suppose you've always got to test your environment.

and this is life.

life = confusing.

this theory is tested continuously.

continuously is hard to write.



we all owe each other something. and none of us are owed anything.

it only takes one cheater. but do you wipe out the whole town for one cheater, or do you save it but for One? the answer should be obvious. and as a result, the result is chaos. chaos.

chaos is beautiful. chaos is life. chaos is the result of One lost in a world of cheaters. and the cheaters? well, the cheaters will never get it will they?

i float above myself. i am a speck on a raft in the ocean. i am the ocean.

you are all the ocean.

i am flooded by memories. i am flooded by good feelings and bad. but everything remains in perfect balance. the trouble is staying somewhere right in the middle.

s'just plain ol' physics.


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