Thursday, July 27, 2006

Four Today

*note shaved area and fentanyl patch.

my precious precious timo went missing this weekend. horrible imaginings flooded my brain. i couldn't sleep.

my dad - despite his self-proclaimed despise for anything cats - seems somehow psychically connected to timo, finding him in two minutes hidden and despondent under the porch that i spent the whole weekend calling his name from on top of.

i was standing right on top of him. literally. under my nose.

i feel guilty about this.

one suppose hit-and-run (or maybe a kick-and-run), one night stay in the hospital, one iv, two fentanyl patches, one enlarged spleen, twenty percent iron blood count, one broken pelvis, four shaved patches, two x-rays, four to six weeks suggested cage rest, and nine hundred and seventeen dollars later. . .

timo is home now and mending peacefully. . if not somewhat stoned. and unless by 'cage rest', the vet meant setting up my parents bathroom and bed for timo to roam freely, we are doing everything exactly wrong. but for now he doesn't do much anyway, and i firmly believe that after his trauma it is more important that he feel safe with his humans and he seems to want to desperately be around us, so i cannot shove him into a cage for the next four to six weeks. he will go crazy.

to top this all off, ray is now jealous of all the attention timo is getting. i brought him in to see his brother and get back to the cutesy wootsie lovie dovey stuff they do. there was a little sniffing, and then ray raises his paw and i think 'oh this could be real cute. . . or real dangerous' and smack! he hits him right in the face. i was so mad at him for that. like he doesn't have enough problems all wobbly and fragile and limited to only one or two rooms in the house.

it should be noted however, that ray did try to tell me where timo was:

meow meow meow *with increased urgency*

oh! you are going to show me where timo is?!! *follows ray*

meow meow *walks away from porch*

yes! let's go get timo!

meow meow *walks back to porch*

what? you just want inside? *opens door*

meow meow *walks away from porch*

ok then. let's go find timo!

meow meow *walks back to porch*

inside?? *opens door, getting frustrated*

meow meow *walks away from porch*

oh forget it, you are just confused *stomps off*

i feel guilty about this.

also important to note that momma cat, despite her actions in the past indicating that she is not a good mother but rather quite crazy and evil to her babies, showed some very clear signs of protective mothering this weekend. whereas i spent the whole weekend wondering what kind of strange outdoor cat i have that just spends all her time in the screened in porch. i thought she just liked the various cat abodes we have scattered around the room. looking back now, and noting that presently she spends little to no time even remotely near the house, i realize that she was just standing guard for timo.

well, aren't they just an adorable little family?


maybe my cat will fight your cat when he's rested and better for the title of best cat. and i won't lie just to spare your feelings. . i'm certain timo will reign victorious.


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