Friday, July 28, 2006

Patches Times More

like patches didn't already have enough patches. like enough already! he's been through so much!

we took timo in to have his stoner drugs replaced and they couldn't get the thing to stick on the previously shaved portion (one of the previously shaved portions) of his body and so brain wave! they shaved another and glued it to him. like glue it to the old one if you are just going to glue it anyway. you know you are just going home to laugh about how you are uglifying my beautiful cat because you are jealous that a cat is better looking than you and you are jealous that i am better looking than you and i have a better looking cat than you.

the vet is like a weird burlesque house. seriously. everyone's a chick and they're all made up and dressed in those sexy blue and different shade of blue nurse-type suits. like isn't that every guy's dream? that and tons of animal smell and sanitary doctor-type stuff. it's purrrradise. wouldn't you say? plus, it's a strong belief of mine that standing next to a cat (or sitting or whatever in the vicinity of a cat) makes you look prettier. so there's lots of cats and even though they are like diseased and maimed they still make you look more beautiful standing next to them. that's why i have three, didn't you know? i refuse to be photographed without them.

off topic, but still at the vet: there were the two loudest people today at the vet with their dog, and they wouldn't leave forever and all they did was have the mutt weighed. it was like their friday night social time. and they were soooooo loud and talking over each other and even set off their car alarm and i wanted to die and my mom kept making super huge loud groaning noises to make fun of them in her own special way and i had to leave the building before my mouth exploded into explicits and then i would have to strangle them because, for the love of pete, it needed to be done.


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