Saturday, July 29, 2006

Where Does It All Go?


i swear the monitor is going to eat me. it's so huge. it already ate my whole desk, like it's a fisher and my desk is a cat. seriously, it was brutal.

and i got me some new ram. now i have to wear a hat when i use the computer. i don't know why i wear a hat. my dad told me to. but it won't do anything except fall off. and i will just have to hold on to it.

hold on to your hats.

i threw out so much stuff today. and it seems that after all that i just have more. i don't know how it's possible. i don't know where this stuff comes from or where it goes or how the whole world isn't filled with people's junk just piled up all over the earth. seriously. does anyone know how this is all possible. like when it's graduation time in montreal and people come from all over the earth to stay in this already packed to the brim city and they all somehow have a place to go. like where do they all go? how is it possible? the logistics just don't make sense to me. then i start to imagine all the buildings are see-thru and i can see everyone everywhere and they are like ants living right on top of each other and oi vay my head hurts.

you know? like they just keep making paperclips...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know where it all comes stole it out of my room when I left. (Can you bring CD's...including my Rent CD's...I lost all the ones I used to have and now I need CD's...thanks).


Sunday, July 30, 2006 2:04:00 p.m.  

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