Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday? You Should Call It Confused.

so remember earlier when i was all progress this?... yeah. i'm a liar.

so i wake up this morning at 6:30 and think to myself

self, is this the time i usually wake up? or am i an hour early?

and then i proceed to lay around and think about it for fifteen minutes or so and i decide that i am an hour early. goodie. time for yoga and surfing the net and general lying around and thinking about getting dressed and making awesome breakfast and hell even lunch!

so then it's 7:45 and i am now ready to get ready. cause after all, i was up an hour early and now i should be just on time. so i get out of the shower and i tell the broski that the shower is free, and he isn't there. in fact, he isn't anywhere! so i'm nervous and i phone him.

where are you?
i'm at work?
liar. where are you?
i'm at the shop. i get to the shop at 7:30 every day. you are an idiot.
no, you are an idiot. why are you there so early? what is WRONG with you!!!!???
you are an idiot. leave me alone.

it's at this point that reality sets in. it is now ten to eight and i leave at eight. so i'm like an hour behind. massive rushing and laughing and waking up the whole house cause it's time to go like now, and i am not really concerned anyway cause really it's just work and there are way more important things going on and my life is just a pea, like war in the middle east and shit.

but wouldn't you know. an hour lost and i was still only two minutes late! and that's cause i had to run back for my celly.

so i guess that means i gained an hour. i don't know. time is funny. i am reading all about it right now and it is blowing my mind/nothing that never occured to me before. but i think it has the potential to blow my mind.

i have this bruise on my wrist right where it meets the desk and it's obnoxious and i don't know what it's from, well, maybe from when i walked into the wall earlier cause i was entranced by the running yelling children. not running yelling obnoxious, but running yelling adorable.


Blogger Rally said...

You see...funny thing is a bizarre standard of measurement, that has no real standards. We are all able to manipualte time ourselves, yet we tend to let time manipulate us. We are such silly creatures.

Oooh...If you are truly reading about time, go and Google "String Theory". You may already know of it, but if you dont, it is an amazing read. I watched a show on it the other night, and it blew my mind......

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 9:29:00 a.m.  

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