Wednesday, August 23, 2006

T9 What Exactly?

am i hungry? or do i feel like i'm gonna be sick? i can't be sure.

and why is it that the pizza tastes like... well, i can't quite put my finger on it. . ?

and with all the uncertainty, why then do i feel compelled towards the already abandoned pizza, having collected an hour's worth of cold. well. it seems to have done something to control the confused stomach. i am not sure what's going on now, but i am sure i don't mind.

and what is that taste?

so i've got to admit something to you. something i'm not proud of, but am usually not sure i am doing until after. it has taught me of resolving my cognitive dissonace.

seriously. what is that taste?

the trouble with me is. and the trouble with many. is that i judge before i understand. and most times i actively try not to understand. and still i judge.

it started out with a peach.

i don't like peaches.
have you ever tried peaches?

i'm still resolving the dissonance on that one though.

i don't like mushrooms.
have you ever tried mushrooms?

and so on.

but let us get to the point. the point being that i was trying to tell you of a more recent and specific instance of my ignorance:

i hate t9 word. it has been the bane of my existance. you know cause it's set as the default when text messaging, which is already kind of a pain cause you gotta hit those damn buttons so many times and don't even get me started on missing your stop of the letter-go-round and have to go through all the letters again plus the number. i'm not sure if my sentence ended, but i felt i had to just stop it and take a fresh start. my friend has the kind of cell phone with the separate letter keys. he says that he would never text if he had a keypad like me and i tell him that i agree and i don't understand why people text and i just do it sometimes at a-freaking-ten-cents per message either. and then i complain about t9 word and how it makes my life worse, cause i've typed only two letters but there are like four on the screen cause i was looking at the keypad while i was typing and i forgot to change the option to Abc style writing - what a freaking pain to have to do every time - and that's more backspacing than you should have to do for only having typed two letters. see? bane of my existance.

what a joke. i see it now.

so today, something dawns on me and i think, well if t9 word worked this way, and i can imagine they can do something like that with programs these days, then that might actually work but it might take some getting used to but yeah, that could work and i'm gonna get my phone and give it a try.

well folks. t9 word does work. and it works like a charm. and not even close to the way that i had suspected either. it's so much easier. it's basically the easiest concept ever and why didn't i think of that? i feel so dumb, cause it's so obvious and the freaking thing is so smart and i am like pitiful stupid next to it and it's just a typing option on a phone that makes me so pathetic. also, i feel like a chump: a, because it's so easy and fast so i have been wasting my time; b, i have been so agressive in my anti-t9 stance and now i have to go back on that and you would call me a chump if i had told you as much as i told other persons how much i hate t9 and now i have to profess my love for it, you know i'm a chump, it's practically the definition, and; c, i totally didn't even give it a chance and didn't even try to understand, not like i didn't think i'd be able to figure it out or maybe that's why but i felt seriously like i was better than the program. when i am not. i am not better than the program. the way i look at it: it is smarter than me. it is faster than me. it is. it is easier than me. and it does not judge. and i am a chump and i'm pretty sure it is not. it's pretty obvious, i know.

bested by a typing option. this is truly humbling.

oh and i must also tell you that even when i thought it was the best, it got better with a cherry-on-top feature. here's the downside. my dad pays for my cell phone (insert snickers) and he is getting free texting this month cause it's some offer, and he told me not to get used to it and now i am basically in love with texting cause it's the easiest thing in life. seriously. i am in love.

and love is all you need.

and you know what? i hardly had any cognitive dissonance this time. i just accepted that i am an ignorant asshole and truly felt humbled by the new knowledge.

you know that i still can't really feel comfortable eating peaches, and it turns out i actually truly enjoy the taste? ridiculous i rrational.

i guess i had a wonderful day. seeing as though i can't complain about any part of it. and i didn't even tell you about breakfast. mmmm and sour cream dip. i won't go into detail. i've already said too much.

ps. if you don't already know t9, but i'm pretty sure the whole world is onto it already while i still move cars with my feet. then know it. t9 rules.

and question for the audience: does anyone know what t9 is actually in reference to?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had much the same experience with T9-word. I refused to use it..problems on my phone included automatic capitalization...THEN IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE YELLING. Also, my phone does not automatically revert to t-9 word, although, now that I think of it...I might be able to set it that way.


wow...I changed it...automatic t-9 word...wait until I tell my friends. My phone still amazes me after over a year.

My one issue with t-9 word however is that it does not know everyword and thus forces me to change to abc to spell certain things...however, then it learns those words and spells them as well.

There is another trick to my phone that I should show you when I see you may have something similar. For example, ball and call use the same letters so how so you get to the next word. Try the 0 key (the one with the arrow) you have that...well it changes it for you.

Ok...enough. Can't wait to spread the good news.


Thursday, August 24, 2006 8:37:00 p.m.  

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