Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Shoveling Again

I tried to laundry today. I am getting to that crucial point where i will have to start turning things inside out if i don't manage to get involved with some soap. So i sucked it up and sorted it out and sacked it downstairs.... no *$%#ing soap. I could have sworn i saw bruder doing his laundry just earlier today, so either he's going for the 'cleaned with water and smells good because of bounce' style or he used the last of the dang soap. So it'll be slim pickins for tomorrows outfit. Maybe i'll just go to work in my pjs (ie. from the bed to my desk next to my bed) which always works out pretty nice and cozy for me.

I have this cat scratch right across my hand that looks like the mark of the devil. It's days old and still flaming red and itchy and painful. Freaking cat allergies. Remind me not to poke snappy mum in the tummy, especially when her boyz are around and making her all crazy like and hissy.

I am going to occasionally flip through my handy pocket dictionary (those aren't adjectives, it's actually called that) and write out a definition that i find interesting. I want to say it will be a new word of the day addition, but since i can't be sure i'll keep it up, i will call it the sporadic word of the day for now. Here you are to further your intellectual pursuits:

ream: (sure i know you've all heard this word before but i wonder if you knew it's other meaning... i know i didn't)
- n. quantity of 480 to 516 sheets of paper (what a totally random quantity!). - v. enlarge (a hole) (i don't think i've ever heard it quite put like this, but yup, that makes sense).

... there you have it folks, you are now dumber AND smarter for having read today's post. Leaving us somewhere around neutral. You are welcome.

Well that was rather unfocused... and i think i was planning on writing about shoveling again.


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