Monday, February 20, 2006

This Is How We Roll

I. am. exhausted. and i have a migraine that just won't quit. I guess it should be expected staying up till four in the morning three nights last week. And two consecutive nights of drinking... considering i hadn't drank in months. My body doesn't like change. It thrives on regularity and inexcess. I even had to skip out on the free Stars concert even though i was back in town in time for it, because i was feeling so ill. Then i went to bed at eight, after napping in front of the tv and slept till the next afternoon and skipped work. I'm pretty pathetic.

But it is good to be home. I feel more sane here. It was a strange land that i visited. It was like visiting one large incestuous family. They eat together, they sleep together, they party together, and when they are not doing any of these things together they are all sitting on their computers IMing each other down the hall... or sometimes from the same room.

In someone else's words: "Same people, different place"

I stood out like a sore thumb, and not because i wore my hat sideways, but because everyone knows everyone and so if you don't belong there, they all know it. I've never been looked at so much. It was pretty comical to watch everyone try to be discrete about it though. It was pretty comical watching everyone do everything, actually. It was just all so foreign to me. The dorm rooms, the sweat pants, the binge drinking, the eating disorders, the mad sexual tension, the jealousy, the crude humour, the smack talk, the diner, the pub, the overly loud people everywhere... just everything. But i survived, and am stronger for the experience.

I was once quite intent on going to a small little school like that and somehow ended up at one of the biggest schools ever. I would often spend time thinking about what i might be missing out on. Of course i knew i was in the right place for a plethora of reasons that i won't go into here, but there was always a part of me that thought i was the little school type. I mean... i am sure i could have and would have enjoyed it. But i don't think i would have enjoyed it in the normal mainstream way people enjoy their little school experiences. But then again, i don't do anything normal or mainstream.

I did have a great time though. It was fun hanging out with z on her turf, and j gets comically wasted. It was fun meeting her friends and seeing how they all interact with each other. I also got to play a number of songs for a few of them and they all met with much approval... but BY FAR the highlight of the weekend was playing a song for z's roomate. you're so lame, bet you don't know that this song is about you, you're so lame, bet you don't know that this song is about you, don't you, don't you, don't you. Meanwhile she's singing all the words cause it's her fave song, we are all laughing hysterically that i could hardly make it through the whole song, and b pretty much fell off the couch.

Oh and i had an interesting conversation with b about losing best friends to cancer and how we coped. He was having a bad night... j peaced on him (because the boy cannot take advice) and someone stole his jacket (though he got the jacket back later). It's funny cause any time i am about to bring up brett and that painful period of my life, i always make a mental decision. I don't know what the decision is based on but i find myself saying: do you really want to tell this person about this? and sometimes for no reason the answer is no, and other times, for no reason the answer is yes. And it always turns out that when the answer is yes, the other person has an eerily similar story to tell. And then we bond quickly for a short time. Anyway, b is cool if he could just get his act together and play it cool. He's like a little puppy with too much energy around a certain someone... the kind of puppy that barks and jumps and nibbles at your fingers that won't obey that you just feel like kicking sometimes. But for the rest of the time, he's dope chill. Relax, puppy. Relax.

Anyway, peace out to the h-ton crew: z, bl, j, yellow pants, coked up guy, the cool corner at the pub, room 207, the madrexic and her sidekick, the hockey team, guy who didn't say much in the dining hall and won't leave until everyone leaves, guy who thought i was in high school, futon, the lil sister, the 'tense' girl, and others that i don't remember. This is how we roll.

Oh yeah, on the way home i thought of an anti-drug slogan: say nay to yay. You should inform weird tall guy of the new campaign. Maybe he'd be less creepy if he wasn't so coked up all the time.

Oh and tell madrexic that this sign only pertains to the area of the rink in which we were standing. She should pretty much eat everywhere else she goes. And tell her to ditch the sour face and those ugly super huge sweat pants. Or tell her to gain some pounds and then they might actually look less atrocious on her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you had fun!!! Come back anytime we love to have you!


Monday, February 20, 2006 6:42:00 p.m.  

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