Thursday, March 23, 2006

Poetry and Diamonds

one of the moms came to pick up their babies today and she actually referred to booger baby as 'booger baby'. it was hilarious! i never actually refer to booger baby as 'booger baby' out loud. just here. she's my favourite mom, for sure.

some guy commented on my last post that his cats are better and they won nobel peace prizes (yup, two of them)... now i don't know who this guy is or even if he's got cats. but he's either wrong or lying. so don't believe him. i mean, who's ever heard of cats winning nobel peace prizes. besides, my cats don't believe in competition. they are peace lovin' - if you don't include the birds and mice that momma kills in the summer. but those are gifts for me. it used to be a bird and a mouse every day next to a wildly grinning adorable skinny black cat with a crooked tail. i done good dudn't i? and damnit if she didn't catch me a little bunny wabbit. mind you, i was traumatized by this, considering she left only the tail end and that bunny wabbit used to walk me to work every day. but think about it: she must be super agile, super fast, super cat, she must! anyway, z set him straight and she's not lying about the animal hate thing. she was determined to hate my cats. and yet... they're preciousness prevailed and she's hopelessly addicted. it's pathetic if you ask me. she loves the zoo... even if she does think it strange.

i didn't mean to talk about the cats so much... but then again i never do.

i had something funny to write. i know this because i remember thinking i'll blog that but now i don't remember what that was. but that happens to me all the time. if only i could blog on the spot by just thinking about it. then my blog would be that much more entertaining.

the disclaimer was for you, and you know it. i think this is the poetry anniversary... diamonds are a ways off. but you should start saving:

i've always heard it said before and i always knew it true
cause the covers don't say anything like the words inside it do.
but they never told me childhood lesson's are analagous
that covers and books mean bigger things, like faces and like us.
so here we have the blog, it's like a book without a cover
i never see the faces, while i'm learning about others.
no artificial judgment, but a look at what's inside.
and from what i've read, i couldn't unlike you if i tried.


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