Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Birthday Wrapping

i am definately sick. i don't know how or when it happened. but somehow i caught something and i didn't notice because it felt something like allergies. but the sore throat tipped me off that it was something more.

to think i made it through the whole month at the daycare with the little germs running around and wiping their noses on my sleeves, and i didn't catch anything. i never catch things. any time i am sick, i seem to have produced it myself. and now i have to sing tonight, and sing tomorrow on a sore throat. meh. whatevs. i'll be fine.

i've noticed that people's favourite thing to do is complain. truly. it's pretty much how everyone's conversations go. no one tells anyone the good things that are happening, it's just one person complaining to another and then the other trying to outcomplain them. i wasn't complaining back there. just informing. in fact, there is really nothing to complain about because whenever i get sick, basically the only difference - because i sneeze and have sinus problems all the time because of allergies (not complaining, just informing) - is the sore throat, which luckily for me, only bothers me in the early morning and after eight pee emm. i'm special like that. along with my magic blood that has special mosquito bite elixer so that any one of my mosquito bites last only forty minutes and then disappears. i know, i know. i'm special and lucky... i should probably complain so that you people don't get jealous.

maybe that's why people do it...

i doubt it, though.

anyway, let me make you all more jealous and tell you about my birthday. well, first of all, i have the cutest friends. i got clothes from s who bought them for me months ago when i was trying stuff on in her store and then saved them for me, and c bought me water colour pencil crayons, like the super special kind, along with a water colour paper pad because i had told them all about my pencil crayon obsession and i am sure s remembered and told c what to get me. lol. gotta love girlfriends, and gotta love girlfriends that still love me even though i am a girl friend. complicated stuff this boyz-and-gurlz business. anyway, i’m just kidding about c, he prolly remembered all on his lonesome about the pencil crayons. either way, i love them both dearly. oh and did i mention the pin-ya-ta… how the hell do you spell that? oh, that squiggly accent i’m sure… but anyway. that was my first ever piñata and it was specially filled for me and it was nemo the fish, which is funny because c never did go to see that movie in theatres with me. but i have forgiven him for that. (sort of). so, magical walk in the park and the forest and piñata smashing on the basketball court and then candy eating off the ground of the park and then imagining kids eating candy they find on the park floor. delightful.

so, this couldn’t get much better, could it? well, you are wrong. there is only one way to describe the rest of the night: incredelicious.


twice baked potatoes. mmmm. green beans. mmmm. cauliflower and broccoli with cheese sauce. mmmm. cooked ham. mmmm. chocolate bestest cake in the world. mmmm. and my mom made this soup that she hated, but s and i were like ‘this is the best soup ever’. it was carrot-apple-onion cream soup. it was like eating dessert, first and in a bowl. triple mmmmm. it was so delicious, i ate too much of it, but still had room for way too much food. and then even one piece of cake.

and then i exploded.

we all did… it was a mess.


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