Sunday, April 2, 2006

Perfect and Waiting

i haven't been back here in a while. what is this bears great vibe with the earth stuff? i can't really remember what it is all about. i should go back and read it... where do i come up with this stuff? what does it mean? and is it all just nonsense?

it's highly possibly of course. but i doubt it very much. nothing anyone says is ever nonsense if you are paying attention to the right parts. but our spheres may not be touching. so you may have no choice but to misunderstand. and misunderstandings lead to judgment. and judgment leads to intolerance and feelings of righteousness and superiority. and these things all lead to one thing.


but that's your trouble not mine.

just try and make sure your sphere is as big as humanly possibly... and then a little more so. cause we aren't able to step outside our spheres in this form. in this place. at this time.

my reaction to music tells me that i am not quite there. but the fact that i am reacting tells me i am on my way. or at least open to being on my way. or at least looking and listening for the way. i wish it all made more sense. but then again, where is the fun in that?

i finished the most recent harry potter book today. so now i am finally up to speed on the harry potter bandwagon. though i didn't even jump on until the phad died down. i read all the books in under two weeks. and that is making time for work and eating and other sorts of interruptions. that is something like three thousand pages.

it's official. i am a professional.

did you skim?

not a chance, baby. took in every detail. loved every minute. who skims anyway unless they are reading some useless textbook for a class they don't like? you miss everything when you skim. how can you really live a story if you don't grasp the details? so where does one go to get paid for being a professional reader? please leave your suggestions in the comments section.

so, does anyone remember my dreamworld? the magical artists' forest? well, it was purely fantasia on my part and i was resigned to the fact that no such place exists or that at the very least, i would never find it or make it happen.

don't tell anyone, but the place actually exists.

i'm serious. my cousin lives there. i mean. i knew he lived there. and i knew it was a magical forest. i knew a lot of things... but i didn't realize what all those things meant. and i hadn't asked enough questions. but he lives there. in the magical artists' forest. and he lives in two houses. well, he lives in only one. he has been saving the other for me and continues to extend invitation after invitation. i've been planning to get there at some point. but responsibilties hold me back here for the time being. but i hadn't realized it was the magical artists' forest and now i just want to throw caution to the wind and disapparate.

isn't it so obviously perfect? and waiting for me? and perfect? and waiting for me?

i bet when i got there, the music would be telling me that i had made it. i bet when i got there, i would see things how i'd never seen them before. i bet when i got there, everything would fall into place. i bet when i got there, i'd know things i'd never known before. i bet when i got there, i'd know.


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