Saturday, March 25, 2006

There is a Drawer in the House That I Live and the Return of the Purple Elephant

there is a drawer in the house that i live.
sometimes i open it to look right in.
upon closing it up
the whole house is lit up
in a sound that makes your head spin.

the sound is like daggers for ears.
almost so high pitched i cannot hear.
but just high enough
that it's made of the same stuff
that makes up panic and fear.

so i pull the drawer back out.
cannot breathe till the sound is out.
but the sound is a mys-tree
happens in. inconsistenly.
i wish i could figure it out.

i won't lie and say i'm not scared.
cause it's mostly just freaky and weird.
there's nothing inside;
believe me, we tried.
so we try and pretend it's not there.

The weekend is strange. or this weekend is strange. or i'm just strange, this weekend - if i am to be most thorough in my scientific investigation. but i'm not sure when it became a scientific investigation. perhaps it was just then.

and just then....

a giant poodle walked down the street. next to a giant purple elephant. they didn't speak to each other and no one spoke to them.

no one spoke of it.

speak to me. speak to me . . don't speak to me.

and just then....

she was just then formulating a plan . . just. then.

it seems to me, however, that no one could appreciate this. could you appreciate this? intermittently. is there a balance?
or am i off-balance?

i'm off-balance.

just imagine them dancing.

what colour was the poodle?

it's a trick question:
i never told you.

what colour was your poodle?

what kind of alarm is it?

how mennymore times will i post before i sleep?

how mennymore times will you read?


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