Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bears Great Vibe With the Earth

i now know why we have winter. and i now know why i wouldn't want to give it up. we have winter because of spring. we have winter because of this feeling right now.

keep in mind that it is only five degrees celcius. and there is still snow on 80% of the ground. and that there are puddles. and mud. and that i have to clean the cats' feet off every time they come in the house and they hate it and it is hard to do with three cats, but i do it cause i love them and i love spring so i don't mind. i don't mind any of it. the warmth of the sun and the lesseness. lessness. . there's less snow.

i can now go outside with just a sweater on. i can now expect to get in a car and feel toasty in a sun warmed car. i can now expect to close my eyes and feel the sun and see that warm summer sun red in my eyes and i can now expect for sunny days. it's one of the ultimate feelings in the world. you can't help but smile everywhere you go. it's a sun induced euphoria. and damn but it feels good.

i'm just a pawn to the weather.

i feel so manipulated.

. .


. . slipping back into sun induced euphoria.

i woke up to sunshine this morning. when i used to sleep late, i used to have to shut my curtains because i couldn't sleep through the morning with so much sun. but i pretty much wake up with the sun, now. so i don't have to buy that light alarm clock that i always wanted cause i have my very own sun alarm clock that will get me into a great vibe with the earth.

. . slipping back into sun induced euphoria.

the other night i slept with the light on in the hall and it totally messed with my sleep and my dreams and my head. i will remember never to do that again. but i can pretty much nap pleasantly under the afternoon sun. maybe that has to do with the sun never being up during the night time, which is when i sleep.

great vibe with the earth.

. . slipping back into sun induced euphoria.

it's true. i just sit there staring into space and feeling warm and good, with the lights out but the sun up. it's the best way to be in the rooms. with all the artificial light out but the sun up.

i was made mostly for hibernation. perhaps i am part bear.

bears great vibe with the earth.


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