Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Parable of the Music Video

hellooooo party people!

i don't even know what that was about. maybe it's the music videos. we're a music video generation. i'd say the mtv generation, but c'mon people, i am canadian. (canada is a pretty word). we didn't even have mtv. and the mtv that i've seen doesn't even have music videos and when it does it has picture-in-picture recordings of the 'viewer' screaming - why do they always have to scream?) - about why they like the video/artist and/or why they requested the video and for whom.

i requested will smith cause i think he gets jiggy with it!!!!! woooooooooo.

eff. that's just terrible.

c: i like to say things like 'fucking fantastic' - on his usage of the word fuck.

so, i guess mtv-generation doesn't mean the same thing as music video-generation. mtv is less music-television and more voyeurism-television; they have way more shows about celebrities lives and other weird things than they do music videos. and muchmusic, though they do tend to pick up some of the voyeurism shows from mtv, still balance it off with a healthy dose of music videos. and quite a bit of canadian content, which means an entirely different kind of music than is portrayed by mtv.

i just remembered that i did a paper on this content in my last year of university. it took me a while to realize that.

but i wish i could explain to you my memory. it is multifacted. and highly advanced. and yet, highly inferior. i guess this explains the psychology world's fascination with memory.

but getting back to muchmusic. i am watching it right now. and i don't get to sit around and watch television, let alone muchmusic.

bizzle, fizzle, rizzle, i don't even know what i'm saying, i apologize if i offended anybody.
you're cute, i like you snoopy.

nobody drops money on a girl than snoop doggy dog.

then justin dances, and that's okay.

i have never heard anyone shoobeedoobeedoopdoodoo in a snoop video.

i don't even care what he's saying, it's gonna be something fun.

so justin stops moving his lyrics, but he's still singing lyrics. i wish i could do that.

i am watching muchmusic video on trial which is the kind of non-purely-music-video television muchmusic makes: a buch of comedians or other-professional or non-professional persons, who happen to also be hilarious and they just watch the video and talk about it. but this show is pretty much fantastic, because it's hilarious and you get to watch music videos.

but it's probably like rick mercer and hard to explain.

ah. she remembers to feed the horses.

and of course, you need to see the video. i tried not to watch the show for so long.

and. the lesson. good, it came. i don't always follow it through.

i should watch the rick mercer show.

it's cute. life. it's a wee little game. you just have to look out for the clues and follow through.

what is that movie called about some guy and investigating coincidences. and how did it end?

awesome, he is busta-ing out the barret.

i know a girl that would be really good at this show.

eff, it's hilarious. well. i've learned my lessons, anything leftover was just a step, so loose ends don't need to be wrapped up.

this video gets four fat guys touching each other out of nine.

i have no idea what has been said here. i was keeping watch at the door. i cannot be held responsible for something my self has said.


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