Friday, May 12, 2006

Thimbles and Haystacks


but i won't lie: i love it.

unfortunately the overwhelming situation that is my life presently has turned me into a bad blogger. there is just so much to write about that:

(a) i don't have the time to write about it.
(b) the choices are so overwhelming that i cannot choose anything and my posts degrade into pointless ramblings

how is this different from any of the other posts?, you ask.


that's like a checkmate in fencing.

i've lost my train of thought. eff. like i had any to begin with. i will leave you with some closing thoughts... and practically opening thoughts cause i have just begun to write. and poorly at that. so let's go with what other people have said well before me:

be gentle with yourself. be kind to yourself. you may not be perfect, but you are all you've got to work with. the process of becoming who you will be begins first with a total acceptance of who you are.
- somewhere in a book i read once and then put on a post-it note on my wall.

i wish i'd written Our Town. i wish i'd invented rollerblades.
i asked A. E. Hotchner, a friend and biographer of the late Ernest Hemingway, if Hemingway had ever shot a human being, not counting himself. Hotchner said, "no."
i asked the late great German novelist Heinrich Boll what the basic flaw was in the german character. he said, "obedience."
i asked my adopted nephews what he thought of my dancing. he said "acceptable."
- Vonnegut, Timequake. if you don't love Kurt Vonnegut, you aren't reading it right.

anything in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.
- me. but i guess it's Mark Twain that deserves the credit. if you don't love Mark Twain you aren't reading it right.

if you don't like me, you're not reading it right.


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