Saturday, August 26, 2006

In Hospital

it's something like doing yoga and/or meditating while washing the dishes, isn't it? while doing everything even. something like listening to the inner god always, and following the subtle clues always in our path.

it's basically the same thing since they're basically the same thing.

there is no distinction between the in ward, and the out ward. and we're all patients. and we're all doctors. but mostly it's the company of the nurses keeping us alive anyway. at least for most of us. most of us are too busy to be patients to remember we're doctors. and some of us even are too busy being doctors to remember we're patients. and sometimes the doctors are rude to the nurses. and some patients don't want to be healed. and other patients are miracles. and some doctors don't want to heal. and others work miracles.

and sometimes the doctors have so much to learn from the patient.

and then there's the mental patients who sometimes don't even know they're in hospital.

but everyone has so much potential. and everyone has a reason.

no rules.
no limits.
no expectations.

a personal healing.
a personal evolution.

and it spreads like disease.


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