Monday, February 20, 2006

Migraine Info Session

I am having one helluva migraine right now, so i thought i'd let you in on it. Here is something i found on a website with my own comments:

* Pain typically on one side of the head - left side. always has been and i'm sure always will be. in fact, even when i don't have a headache/migraine that part of my head is just more sensitive. when i have a migraine i like to push the left side of my face into my pillow, so it's probably a good idea that i got my piercing on my right eyebrow, even though this train of thought did not factor into the decision making process at the time.
* Pain has a pulsating or throbbing quality - sometimes. today it's pretty consistent though... no wavey like quality really. most of the time it's like tiny little jackhammers going to town on my brain and the back of my eyeball,
* Moderate to intense pain affecting daily activities - that's why i skipped all my work and lay in bed all day.
* Nausea or vomiting - i haven't actually been sick from a migraine in years (thankfully), but am definately nauseous. when i was a kid i used to vomit pretty much every day, and i had a special mattress on the bathroom floor. in fact, on the first day of grade six i threw up on my principal's shoes when she was driving me home... not the first time i had been sick in her presence, or in her car, but this was the first time on her actual person. ain't no thaing, we were mad tight by that point.
* Sensitivity to light and sound - my dad came into the kitchen for dinner tonight, opened the pot with the carrots in it, and then slammed it shut. i screamed in pain. then my mom is all 'you don't like carrots?' and he's all 'yeah, i like em just fine' and she's all 'then why' *smashes pot again*? and i'm all *screaming in pain* again. so dumb. light is pretty much the worst though. that's why i had to sleep under the covers this morning after the sun came up. painful.
* Attacks last four to 72 hours, sometimes longer - frig, it's only been 48 hours now... i have another whole day of this left?... or sometimes longer?? what the eff?
* Visual disturbances or aura - usually i get the little dots that wander all around my visual field, but not always. dizziness, i get like crazy: one time i fell down the stairs... well, multiple times. today i am having a weird visual disturbance though that i've never really had for a migraine before. when i am in the process of shutting my eyes, the whole scene in front of me shifts: it either expands, or contracts, or kind of waves, or moves over a bit... i don't even know if that makes sense.
* Exertion such as climbing stairs makes headache worse - hence the staying in bed all day. hence the increase in pain since i went downstairs for dinner. hence the going to bed now.

let's see how this turns out in the morning... cause i'm going to bed.


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