Thursday, April 20, 2006

Accidental Accents

i canna teven huack in this room. i canna teven huack. clo zevryhuair.

say it really breathy. you can't h elp but be french.

i desperately need to clean my room. which basically entails putting clothes away which, if my heart's in it, i can do in ten minutes. i should just do it. why put off today?

i resolve to do it. it's already past my bedtime. what's another thirty minutes for a cleaner, more organized weekend? it will be worth it in the morning and the clean room sort of shocks you for a minute. you are wondering where you fell asleep the night before. then you realize this is your room, only clean, and you feel just a little saner, and a little more able to cope with the day.

not that i can't cope with the day.

i can cope with anything.
and even when i think i can't.
that's still something i like.
about me.

contentment. that's what it's all about.

contentment among chaos.
it's beautiful.


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